First Talksum Data Stream Product Shipped!

It is exciting times here at Talksum! We’re happy to say that we are hard at work making the Talksum Data Stream work wonders for in Moscow. We’ve shipped our first data stream product, plugged it into a customer’s data center and it is receiving, parsing, processing and aggregating data in real-time, as we speak.

This is a big milestone for any young company, and it’s the product of a whole lot of hard work. While we’ve been working with several beta customers on refining requirements and performing proof of concepts (POCs) in our research environment, the implementation represents our first customer install. is using their Talksum Data Stream to aggregate and analyze network traffic data in real time. We look forward to sharing more details about the implementation in a more formal case study in the future, but for now we’re simply excited to say that we’re up and running with our first on-premise implementation.

Bridging the Gaps (Part 1 – Physical Gap)

“The interesting problems are the ones that require a bit of abstract thought to find a solution.” 

A very good friend of mine, Pierson Washer (Mercedes repair shop owner and novice AFM racer #983) asked if we could get the same racing telemetry as MotoGP from his SV-650 “Super Dinosaur” class racing bike. He was trying to give me a hard time thinking I would respond with “It’s not that simple, you first have to get the data on a network…” and begin rambling about RFCs and protocols. Well, not this time, earlier that day a question had come up on demonstrating bridging 1st mile of embedded device data complex event processing. I can think of no more interesting fast data platform to analyze in real-time.

A very non-traditional fast data platform…

Fast Data Platform

 The SV-650 has no modern electronics other than the telemetry system we put together from an Arduino and two Digimesh XBee 2.4gHz radios. This test was simply to validate the radios work at the ranges we need them to, and that we get a stream of data back from the track at speed. Sorry Pierson, you’re still not faster than an rf signal… The radios worked flawlessly.


Our Test Pilot and Track Preparation

Preparing Bike for Track Test

Pierson Washer, #983 has been kind enough to allow us to use his race bike as a test platform. If you look closely you will see the antenna poking out from between two masonry sponges. We have everything wrapped up in duct tape and securely zip tied  inside the tail fairing.

I will not go in to detail on the actual telemetry package build out here, there will be a link below. 


Snippet from the OSEPP ACCEL-01 Senor

We captured and sent a simple 3-axis message from our OSEPP Mega 2560 R3 board with an OSEPP ACCEL-01 i2c sensor in real-time over rf to the pit. Below is a small snippet of data with the OSEPP example code for the sensor from a data platform moving at 140mph, no wires, and closed network.

Msg ID: 2391, Sensor: 29, X: -28, Y: -239, Z: -105
Msg ID: 2392, Sensor: 29, X: -49, Y: -251, Z: -134
Msg ID: 2393, Sensor: 29, X: 7, Y: -185, Z: -101
Msg ID: 2394, Sensor: 29, X: -54, Y: -152, Z: -43s

To be Continued…

What’s next? We continue our experiment at Buttonwillow Raceway on March 2nd and 3rd where we close the logical gap of doing useful things with these event messages. See you at the races…


link to racing, bike, and electronics –