Big Data Technology & Applications Insights: Banking, Telecom & Media

Barry Strauss, Talksum Head of MarketingBarry Strauss, Head of Marketing, Talksum

Last week, Talksum joined people from AT&T, Bank of America, eBay, and others at the Big Data Technology and Applications Meet-Up in Pleasanton, CA. The number of people looking for Big Data solutions surprised us. In other words, most of the people weren’t vendors; they were from real companies looking for real solutions!

There was a short presentation to kick off the meeting; however, the gist of the event consisted of socializing and gaining insights into what is needed in the Big Data arena. Here are a few insights taken from the Meet-Up and put into context.



Banks are really interested in using Big Data to understand their customers, what they like, which branches they use, whether they’re mobile users or PC users, causes of attrition rate, social information, and the like. In other words, banks are looking closely at customer relationships and how they’re doing, including sentiment and how to react to it. The problem they have stems from data acquisition, which consists of structured and semi-structured information. Past information silos are now breaking down, and data may include, for example, call information mixed with data from a branch office, etc. So, the banks are looking for ways to ingest different types of data, normalize, filter, and route it for better and more accurate customer analytics.



Carriers are feeling the pressure to make sense out of the massive and increasing amounts of data they already have in both their customer base and their networks and, as such, are looking for platforms, or tools, to help manage the huge collection of disparate information. The telecom operators want to better understand their customers and their respective behavior. To do so, they need “accurate” and filtered data processing for meaningful analytics solutions.


Media Providers

To media providers, Big Data platforms are critical to ingest unstructured data, which may consist of digitized text, video, machine, and other data that doesn’t fit easily into traditional databases. Media companies don’t want to spend too much time trying to access or manage the huge amounts of in-coming data; instead, they want to concentrate and focus on the end result and create strategies around that information to apply it to greater awareness, engagement, relevancy, advertising, sentiment, and social analytics. They want a simple way of ingesting data from multiple pools of edge devices, filtering duplicated data, and routing it to their analytics system.


All in all, this was an informative Meet-Up that was well represented by leading companies searching for Big Data solutions. For information about our solutions, visit Talksum Solutions for an overview. We are looking forward to attending the August Meet-Up not only as an attendee, but also as the presenter. More to follow in future posts.

Talksum at Infineon Raceway, Sonoma, CA

Alex VarshavskyAlex Varshavsky, CEO, Talksum

We had the pleasure of participating in professional Sprint Kart racing at Infineon raceway a couple of weeks ago as an avid participant in the ConnectedCarSV group, with cosponsors Simraceway and Life360.

We drove their 28 HP SRW professional racing karts, which when geared for top-end speed are capable of over 100 miles per hour (these are not anything like the run of the mill indoor karts most people have tried). Well, I didn’t actually go that fast, but it felt like it!

At the track, I also met VC partners, startup founders, CEOs, and representatives from large technology and automotive companies. We all had a common goal – to help make the connected car a success.

At Talksum, we take a new approach to V2V and V2I DSRC data processing, management, and analytics for the connected vehicle. Our approach is designed to accelerate real-time decisions, improve data acquisition and transformation, and convert data into flexibly managed event streams, perfect for V2V and V2I DSR systems.

I’m already looking forward to the next race!

The Infineon Raceway course

Alex Varshavsky, CEO, Talksum, in last place at Infineon Raceway, Sonoma, California

Happy Fourth of July – From Talksum!

Barry Strauss, Talksum Head of MarketingBarry Strauss, Head of Marketing, Talksum

This Thursday marks the Fourth of July, or Independence Day, which celebrates the adoption of the Declaration of the Independence on July 4th, 1776. With that in mind, we found a few fun facts about the holiday that we would like to share with you:

  • In July 1776, the estimated number of people living in the newly independent nation was about 2.5 million.
  • The estimated nation’s population on this coming July 4, 2013, is about 316.2 million.
  • 56 people signed the Declaration of Independence. Thomas Jefferson wrote most of it. John Hancock was the first signer, hence, the saying, “Put your John Hancock here.”
  • For more fun facts, check out the U.S. Census Bureau’s Fourth of July page.

All of us at Talksum would like to wish you a happy, fun, and safe holiday!


Happy Fourth of July - From Talksum!









Telematics Detroit 2013 – A Recap

Alex VarshavskyAlex Varshavsky, CEO, Talksum

We’re still excited about the successful Telematics Detroit 2013 conference that we attended a couple of weeks ago. First of all, thank you to all who visited our booth to learn about our V2V and V2I DSRC data processing solution. It was a pleasure showing you how we can help with your connected vehicle initiatives. It was also very cool that see a few mentions about Talksum coming out of the conference, in particular Andrew Tolve’s Telematics Update and the entertaining MotorTrend piece by Frank Markus, entitled “Geeking Out on the Hardware and Software That Will Soon Connect All Cars.”

While at the event, we were invited to join the Connected Vehicle Trade Association (CVTA), which we enthusiastically accepted. In fact, Talksum CTO Dale Russell has already attended his first CVTA workshop in Detroit and we are anxious to help with the association and contribute to the on-going development of the connected vehicle.

Talksum was also asked to consider taking part in the National Connected Vehicle Test Bed. The Connected Vehicle Test Bed and affiliated interoperable test bed environments are real-world, operational test beds that offer the supporting vehicles, infrastructure, and equipment to serve the needs of public and private sector testing and certification activities. The vision for the test beds is to establish multiple locations as part of a one connected system that can support continued research, testing, and demonstration of connected vehicle concepts, standards, applications, and innovative products.

We also spoke to many of the major players in the automotive industry who are working on sensor systems and who understand that they have Big Data challenges. These companies saw the value in our new approach to data processing and management solutions and how it fits within their connected vehicle initiatives.

By the way, we also enjoyed seeing many of the attendees carrying the official Telematics Detroit 2013 bag, which just happened to have the Talksum logo on it!