Big Data for a Big Country: A Recap of the Open Innovations Forum Presentation, Moscow, Russia

bios_sergeySergey Biryukov, Founder and President, Talksum

Last week, I had the opportunity to be the panel expert at the Open Innovations Forum that took place at Crocus Expo IEC, Moscow, Russia. The panel, which consisted of a mix of VCs and entrepeneurs including Almaz Capital Partners, EMC Corporation, Columbus Nova Technology Partners, the Russian Federation, Ceruus, and, discussed the topic of Big Data for a Big Country.

On the panel, we looked at Big Data technologies and solutions, discussed key trends in the Big Data industry, and revealed how Big Data analysis can inform strategic decisions and increase business value.

As the volume of information from enterprises, social media, and the Internet of Things explodes, the implications of Big Data continue to affect all industry sectors. The following questions were examined:

  •  How does Big Data create value?
  • How can organizations capture an optimal return on information?

This panel discussion offered examples of how organizations can derive actionable insights and decision support from different types of structured and unstructured data as a springboard to innovation. This is exactly what the Talksum Data Stream Router™ (TDSR™) accomplishes. The TDSR is an elegant solution that ingests and normalizes any type of structured and/or unstructured data. It filters, aggregates, counts, data reduces, and routes the information, providing real-time actionable data and reducing latency from hours to seconds.

The panel also examined various predictive modeling techniques and data interpretive strategies that are designed to extract real value, and we took a look at compatible applications such as mobility and cloud platforms as further enablers of value creation.

To summarize the topic, the panel turned the problem of rapidly growing data streams into huge opportunities. The analysis of large amounts of data – Big Data – is a key technology trend. Today, the market is still in its infancy, but in the near future, it is  expected to grow rapidly and adapt business to Big Data solutions.