Talksum Overview, or How the TDSR Works Like a Brain

Barry Strauss, Talksum Head of MarketingBarry Strauss, Head of Marketing, Talksum

The Talksum Data Stream Router™ (TDSR™) offers a solution for Big Data initiatives that aim to deal with large amounts of disparate data types in real time. The TDSR works like a brain — it ingests massive amounts of information, then filters and contextually routes it where it is needed and at the time it is need.

Let’s take a look at how the brain works. The brain handles about 400 billion bits of information each second and would fill its capacity, in theory, in about three hours. To handle this, the brain selects only about 2,000 events to use.

When applied to technology, data centers also need a way to handle the massive amounts of Big Data. Everything is first stored, and then we try to make sense out of it. The focus of innovation has been to make storage larger and faster. But with the amount of data growing exponentially, new approaches are necessary.

That’s where the brain and the TDSR come into play. Just like the brain, the Talksum Data Stream Router filters incoming data and optimizes the data management process, making it easy to monitor, analyze, and contextually route information in real time.

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