First Talksum Data Stream Product Shipped!

It is exciting times here at Talksum! We’re happy to say that we are hard at work making the Talksum Data Stream work wonders for in Moscow. We’ve shipped our first data stream product, plugged it into a customer’s data center and it is receiving, parsing, processing and aggregating data in real-time, as we speak.

This is a big milestone for any young company, and it’s the product of a whole lot of hard work. While we’ve been working with several beta customers on refining requirements and performing proof of concepts (POCs) in our research environment, the implementation represents our first customer install. is using their Talksum Data Stream to aggregate and analyze network traffic data in real time. We look forward to sharing more details about the implementation in a more formal case study in the future, but for now we’re simply excited to say that we’re up and running with our first on-premise implementation.

Breaking the Silence: Real-Time Data Management and the Talksum Private Beta

Things have been quiet here on the Talksum blog for quite a while, but it certainly hasn’t been because of lack of activity behind the scenes. Since our last few posts, which have been limited to some technical notes about some of the projects we’ve contributed to, we have been hard at work on two major fronts.

First of all, we’ve been building our product and moving from our research prototype to our commercial offering. On that front, we’re very excited to announce that we’re well under way with the private beta program for our appliance-based Talksum Data Stream platform. We’ve been lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with several major enterprises in different verticals to prepare our product to be let loose in the wild, applied to real world data management and analytic problems. We’re working with Netflow data for optimization of data center topology and disaster recovery strategy. We’re enriching data in real time for optimized integration. We’ve been proving how our real-time data management and data reduction tools can shrink storage and decrease latency. As I said, we’ve been busy.

Secondly, we’ve been using these experiences to really hone our product vision. As we’ve talked to numerous companies and started working with our initial group of beta candidates, we’ve become increasingly passionate about the need for new approaches to “Big Data.”

We see lots of vendors working on how to do analytics on larger data sets, on how to spin enterprise offerings out of hugely distributed cloud approaches or how to re-tool the Hadoop ecosystem to handle lower latency solutions. However, the more we talk to big companies, the more we see that there’s an underlying need to re-assess larger data management practices. That’s where we see Talksum fitting in – we bring real time processing to the core of data management, data integration and data focused solution development.

We’ll be writing much more about Real Time Data Management and the benefits it brings the enterprise. For now, we’re happy to announce our private beta and to tell the world that we’re excited to be coming out of our stealthy period and into the fray!