Talksum Announces Embedded Data Stream Router for IoT, Smart Cities, Other Big Data Apps

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Provides Real-Time “Interoperability of Things” for the Internet of Things

San Francisco, CA — April 28, 2015 — Talksum Inc., a leader in high-speed data processing and management solutions, today announced its Embedded Talksum Data Stream Router (eTDSR) solution. The eTDSR acts upon incoming events from IoT devices, provides real-time mixed-signal analysis of the data at the remote sites (in the field), and then routes it to data centers for further analysis, decisioning, and action.

The eTDSR, which is an extension of the award-winning, hardware-based Talksum Data Stream Router (TDSR), eliminates time delays (i.e., lag) while processing massive amounts of data. Lag can otherwise financially impact enterprises, public utilities, and private entities with delayed reports, missed anomalies, operational inefficiencies, policy and security violations, disaster and recovery costs, and lost opportunities.

The current approach of working with data is to first store it, and then understand it. This approach brings complexity, implementation expense, lack of scalability, and stability concerns. The eTDSR solution overcomes these challenges by flipping the current approach to first understand the data and immediately act upon it in real time, before storing. Logic, therefore, can be applied early in the process so the data can be acted upon in real time.

Market examples include:

  • Energy, including traditional power generation, local power (e.g., solar panels, windmills), smart building systems, and smart meters, where the eTDSR can help with efficiency, anomalies, reports, and billing.
  • Medical, including hospitals, CDC, medical devices, and patients, where the eTDSR can help with life-saving alerts, security, regulatory compliance, and insurance matters.
  • Transportation, including roads, trains, cars, first responders, and drivers, where the eTDSR can be used to handle traffic congestion, collisions, vehicle data, emergency response, roadside assistance, regulatory and government compliance, industry standards, and policy control.

As a complete large-scale solution, the remote-site eTDSR can be combined with the data center level Talksum Data Stream Router (TDSR) to bring real-time decisioning to IoT and Smart Cities.

“The Internet of Things market is estimated to grow to over $7 trillion in 2020, and according to a Gartner report, this enormous increase in IoT will create data center challenges in the areas of security, privacy, consumer and enterprise data, storage management, and data center network bandwidth,” said Alex Varshavsky, founder and CEO of Talksum. “In addition to these future challenges, today’s industry focuses on collecting large amounts of data from IoT devices, storing the data in a cloud, and then attempting to build the correlation of events. In most cases, the map reduction and analytical process times mean the data can only be used for probabilistic and statistical models rather than reflect real-time actionable insights. The eTDSR, in conjunction with the TDSR, overcomes all of these challenges.”


About Talksum
Talksum Inc. is a leader in high-speed data processing and management solutions whose mission is to develop new ways of processing, routing, and managing data.

The Talksum Data Stream Router™, or TDSR™, provides a real-time data center product that is perfect for Big Data initiatives that require massive amounts of data processing.

For complete large-scale projects, the TDSR can be combined with the remote-site embedded eTDSR™ to bring efficient, real-time decisioning to the trillion-dollar IoT and Smart Cities markets.

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Talksum to Present at the Big Data Innovation Summit 2015

Barry Strauss, Talksum Head of MarketingBarry Strauss, Head of Marketing, Talksum

I’m excited to announce that Talksum will be presenting, along with other Big Data leaders such as Google, IBM, Hortonworks, GE, Walmart, and others at this year’s Big Data Innovation Summit, which will be held at the San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, CA, on April 28-29, 2015.

At the Summit, Talksum CTO Dale Russell will be presenting at 2:30 pm on Day 2, in the Data Architecture track, about the dilemma enterprises are facing today with the Internet of Things (IoT) and the ridiculously large and exponentially growing amount of data that comes with it. As part of this, he will probe how enterprises will handle the consequential increasing amount of data ingestion, data storage, and data analytics.

blog_bdis_predictive-dataIn the presentation, attendees will see how a ‘turn-key’ data science solution can be applied to embedded devices as well as to the IoT deployments of devices to handle the Big Data challenges of today and tomorrow.

Session attendees will be shown application data routing functions and both machine and mixed-signal analysis solutions.

The purpose of the session is to show attendees insight into a solution designed to allow society to solve the immediate problem of Big Data and also to enable the growth of data and knowledge transfer in the future.

In addition to the speaking slot, we will be showcasing our products that, together, bring real-time decisioning to IoT and Smart Cities.

If you are interested, be sure to come to the presentation and/or stop by our booth to learn more about the Talksum solution and how it can help your organization. If you can’t make the event and would like more information, fill out our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

See you soon in San Jose.

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