Talksum Adds ASN.1 Support to Its Data Stream Router Solution

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San Francisco, CA — September 25, 2013 — Talksum, Inc., a leader in high-speed data processing and management solutions, today announced ASN.1 support to its Talksum Data Stream Router solution. ASN.1, or Abstract Syntax Notation One, has been gaining increased traction for a wide range of domains, including security, authentication, and cryptography; banking; aviation; transportation; energy; health and genetics; and many others.

The high-speed Talksum Data Stream Router (TDSR) manages, in real time, both structured and unstructured data acquisition, ingest, and transformation, converting data into flexibly managed event streams. It filters, data reduces, aggregates, enriches, and routes data based on specific business needs and data processing requirements, and as such supports most government regulations, policy requirements, and industry standards, including ASN.1. The ASN.1 technology falls under a joint standard of the ISO/IEC JTC 1, as well as the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), which is a United Nations specialized agency for information and communication technologies.

According to the ITU, ASN.1 has been deployed in well over a billion computers and embedded systems devices. “Every time that you place an 800-number call, ASN.1 is used. Every time you buy something on the web, ASN.1 is used. Every time you send secure email, ASN.1 is used. The latest generation of aviation control systems for ground-to-ground and aircraft-to-ground communications employs ASN.1. In addition, ASN.1 is used by electric and gas utilities to control the latest generation of substations and transformers. And so on…”

“ASN.1 is important to many diverse industries for defining a formalism for the specification of abstract data types. The ASN.1 standard has, however, changed quite a bit since its introduction in 1984 to meet constantly changing demands. For companies, it’s difficult to keep up with the constantly changing standards, policies, requirements, regulations, and compliance mandates,” said Alex Varshavsky, founder and CEO of Talksum. “The Talksum solution tackles these changes up front so that our customers can focus less on the changes and more on what matters – their businesses.”


About Talksum

Talksum, Inc. is a leader in high-speed data processing and management solutions whose mission is to develop new ways of processing, routing, and managing Big Data. The Talksum Data Stream Router provides a real-time streaming data solution that is perfect for Big Data initiatives that require massive amounts of data processing.

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