Talksum Announces High-Speed Data Stream Router to Accelerate Real-Time Decisioning

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San Francisco, CA — April 30, 2013 — Talksum, Inc., a leader in high-speed data processing and management solutions, today announced its flagship Talksum Data Stream Router, which improves data acquisition and transformation, and converts data into flexibly managed event streams. The high-speed Data Stream Router formats data in real time, enriches the data by correlating events with other external sources, and has the ability to output to most external data stores.

Talksum Data Stream allows companies to act on data in real time by filtering, routing, monitoring, and analyzing live streams of both structured and unstructured data. It allows users to move data where it is needed and in the format it is needed, quickly and efficiently. In addition, it aggregates and reduces data on the fly, shrinking storage needs and eliminating the latency of batch processing, thereby accelerating real-time decisioning.

“We have taken a new, yet straight-forward approach to data management and analytics,” said Alex Varshavsky, founder and CEO of Talksum. “Our approach focuses on speed, simplicity, and value for our customers. The Talksum Data Stream Router performs at speeds exceeding those necessary to handle the Big Data initiatives of today, and tomorrow, to help optimize any Big Data infrastructure. By simplifying the data management process, the Talksum Data Stream makes it easy to monitor and analyze data in real time while reducing the cost of acquisition, ETL, and integration. And last, but not least, its high efficiency means less resources required, which translates into less spend and greater value for our customer.”

The Talksum product also comes with configurable tools that allow for fast deployments of tailored solutions, and include the foundational components for regulatory compliance, government standards, and policy control.

The Talksum Data Stream was recently installed at, the largest Internet company in the Russian-speaking world and the leading Internet company in Russia, to aggregate and analyze network traffic in real time.


About Talksum

Talksum, Inc. is a leader in high-speed data processing and management solutions whose mission is to develop new ways of processing, routing, and managing Big Data. The Talksum Data Stream Router provides a real-time streaming data solution that is perfect for Big Data initiatives that require massive amounts of data processing.

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