Talksum Products for Big Data Initiatives

Speed, Simplicity, Value

Product Features

Our approach to data management and the core of Talksum product features focus on speed, simplicity, and value. The Talksum Data Stream Router™ (TDSR™) performs at speeds necessary to handle the Big Data initiatives of today, and tomorrow, to help you optimize your Big Data infrastructure.

The TDSR simplifies your data management process. The router manages, in real time at networking speeds, both structured and unstructured data acquisition, ingest, and transformation, converting data into flexibly managed event streams. It filters, data reduces, aggregates, enriches, and contextually routes data based on specific business needs and data processing requirements, while also adding real-time monitoring/alerts and the ability to take immediate action on your data. The Talksum Data Stream Router outputs to any external data store, application, file system, or process in whatever format is needed.

Simply put, the high efficiency of the Talksum Data Stream Router means less resources required, which translates into less spend and greater value for you.

Real Time, Real Benefits

By transforming your data into information streams, you gain a new measure of control and visibility. All of your data goes through one simple-to-manage routing system. Data integration, ETL, and data management across multiple initiatives become fast, simple, and more efficient. You’ll reduce your server footprint while increasing your agility for data initiatives to gain greater value.

At the same time that you’re simplifying data management, you will also gain real-time analytics capability. Talksum includes a full set of APIs that will let you set up core functionality of the Talksum Data Stream Router, including filtering, routing, message types, input, and output mappings.

Ingest & Transformation

  • Ingests and parses structured or unstructured data from any potential sources.
  • Transforms incoming network protocols to an appropriate protocol for downstream processes.
  • Adds meta-data for efficient indexing and alerting.

Real-Time Stream Engine Output

  • Creates dynamic streams from data inputs.
  • Real-time filtering and analysis.
  • Pattern recognition and counting in real time.
  • Enables triggers, alerts, and monitors.
  • Flexible output configuration to send data to other systems as desired.
  • Configurable queues and buffers to ensure transactional integrity of streams.
  • Guards against data loss while optimizing resource utilization.

Storage Management

  • Indexed “fast storage” layer for native real-time access to critical data.
  • Increases the efficiency of existing storage resources.
  • Supports existing data warehousing while adding real-time layer.