Talksum Secures Large University Installation

Alex VarshavskyAlex Varshavsky, CEO, Talksum

This week, we secured several installations as part of our strategic initiative to help large data centers use the Talksum Data Stream Router (TDSR) in their facilities to manage their Big Data projects. The Talksum solution helps data centers by streaming data, including actionable alerts – from disparate data ingest into the TDSR to different types of targeted storage and BI platforms that are currently in use by the data center.

A large university that is based in the United States is using the TDSR for aggregating log and other data, and contextually routing it, often in the form of alerts, to multiple back-end repositories.

icon_universityAt the university installation, the TDSR is aggregating logs and, based on the content, contextually routing the information to multiple areas, including agriculture and biosciences; engineering and physical sciences; business and technology; marine and ocean sciences; health and behavioral science; sustainability and the environment; and space science departments.

Using the TDSR, the university can act on varied data from multiple sources in real time through automated responses. The TDSR allows users to quickly move data where it is needed and in the format it is needed. It helps to streamline service delivery and to boost overall data performance – all without the need to change the infrastructure.

To learn more about the Talksum solution, and how the TDSR can help you, contact our Sales Team.

Or E-mail your request to specifying your company needs, its geographic location, and your contact information. We will contact you shortly after your request has been submitted.

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