Talksum Selected as Top Innovator Showcase Presenter at the New York Venture Summit 2014

Alex VarshavskyAlex Varshavsky, CEO, Talksum

Talksum has been selected as a Top Innovator at the New York Venture Summit, which takes place June 16-17, 2014, at the Digital Sandbox, New York City.

The 14th annual New York Venture Summit, presented by youngStartup Ventures, is the premier industry gathering connecting venture capitalists, corporate VCs, angel investors, technology transfer professionals, senior executives of early stage and emerging growth companies, university researchers, incubators, and premier service providers.

Talksum at the New York Venture SummitThe Summit has been created for both investors seeking access to new early stage deals and CEOs or founders of new ventures looking for funding, visibility, and growth.

As a Top Innovator, Talksum has been identified as an emerging growth technology innovator today and, as such, we will be presenting our company and product to leading investors.

I’m excited to show how Talksum offers a new, highly efficient approach to data processing, management, and analytics for secure data center and IT solutions, and how we can help fuel the worldwide IT market, which is expected to reach $3.7 trillion by the end of this year alone.

Our mission is to develop new ways of processing, routing, and managing Big Data. To accomplish this, we have built the award-winning Talksum™ Data Stream Router, or TDSR™, which provides a real-time streaming data solution that is perfect for Big Data initiatives that require massive amounts of data processing.

Designed to accelerate real-time decisions, the TDSR improves data acquisition and transformation, converts data into flexibly managed event streams, and provides actionable data and reduced reporting latency of critical events to seconds — perfect for any data center and data center infrastructure management (DCIM) system.

With the ability to contextually output to most external data stores, the TDSR can format data in real time, as well as enrich the data by correlating events with other external data sources. This helps IT and data centers manage Big Data for any vertical application that requires massive amounts of processing and contextual routing, for example, energy, weather, oil and gas, media, financial, government, transportation, and others.

If you are in the New York City area the week of June 15, 2014, contact us for a one-on-one meeting or a casual cup of coffee.

To learn more about Talksum products, visit the products section of this website.

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